Hannah Pearce

“Ive seen Niox Mayhem perform at Denny & Lee's Magic Shop, Magoobys, and several other local venues, and he's totally one of a kind. The gore magic he does is INSANE and even though some tricks are hard to watch, I can't look away ;) One minute he's gushing blood and the next minute he's making you laugh your ass off. Great personality. Definitely a must see!"

Erica Baker-Leese

"Saw him at the magic shop :) awesome"

Christa Miller

"I have been to a few of his magic shows before and they are wonderful. They are keep you on the edge of your seat, creepy. He is really good. He even does up close magic. I always laugh because I'm pretty observant and no matter how close I look I can never figure them out. He has personality for days which makes you want to watch him even more to see what happens next. He is always coming up with new thrills and tricks to entertain. I would definitely book him for all of my events. Must see !!!"

Cam McMillion

"Niox performed for our patrons at Haunted Hanover Ghost Tours. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his spooky performance. It was the perfect fit for our aesthetic."

Linda Collini Stoffregen

"Outstanding magician!! Thrilling performances. I have even had him perform at a private party. He was mesmerizing! His costumes, personality and magic are indeed beyond excellent. If you ever get a chance to see Niox Mayhem perform, you will not be disappointed."

Kimberly Guglielmi

"Niox Mayhem is awesome!!! One of a kind and has amazing magic tricks that will leave you saying "HOW DID HE JUST DO THAT!!!" and he is creepy(but in a good way) One of my favorite magicians."

Life's Too Short (Not to Perform For You)
Apr 13, 2019, 7:30 PM
8037 Philadelphia Rd




Throughout the years I’ve been working hard to develop my own artistic voice and make sure I stand out in the entertainment scene. My Close-Up Magic are guaranteed good time and can be modified for all ages and venues. I am available for daily performances, special events and festivals. Give me a call to learn more about my rates.


"More Than Smoke And Mirrors."

Niox Mayhem


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